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Strategic land promotion

There are a handful of well-established specialist strategic land promotion businesses in the UK with a proven track record of delivery. It’s not a sector for anyone seeking high yielding returns for a low value investment in record time. The English planning system associated with significant residential proposals is complex and requires considerable financial risk, diligence and a determination to succeed.

Richborough uses its expertise and financial resources to fund the entire promotion of the land, from a conceptual layout through to achieving planning permission and then achieving the highest possible return on the open market. Land is normally promoted over the medium to long term in conjunction with a Council’s own planning strategy or in the short-term if the Local Authority cannot demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land.

The landowner will approve the planning application, marketing strategy, the sale contract and only when the landowner’s solicitor has approved the transfer, will the Title pass to the purchaser. The return to Richborough is based upon an agreed split of the sale proceeds and therefore interests are aligned.

Richborough’s standard promotion agreement assumes that it will opt to tax the land, thereby saving the landowner time and costs associated with VAT registration.