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Following the submission of an outline application for up to 200 dwellings (including 50 affordable homes) in December 2017, planning permission was granted in August 2018, less than 1 year from entering into the Promotion Agreement with the landowner.

Redrow Homes Limited were subsequently appointed as development partner and in February 2019 the sale was concluded.  

Notwithstanding the speed in which planning permission was obtained, the planning process was far from straightforward an involved participation of the Local Plan Examination in order to re-classify the extent of landscape protection to be afforded to the site. The application was ultimately approved under delegated powers by Planning Committee and delivered to market as an ‘oven ready’ site. Development is expected to commence in spring 2019 and will make a significant contribution to meeting the Council’s housing land supply requirement. Contributions totalling more than £3million were pledged to local amenities/facilitates including enhancements to existing sports provision, schools, bus services, biodiversity and local highway improvements.


Higham Lane, Nuneaton