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The residents of Downton Abbey and the risk of flooding

Richborough Estates fully appreciates the concerns of local residents regarding flooding risk and this has been considered in detail as part of our planning application for a proposed residential development on New Road in Bampton.

The proposed development and its drainage strategy will not increase flood risk.  Critically, our proposal incorporates additional mitigation measures specifically designed to enhance the existing infrastructure to reduce existing flood risk in Bampton. Our clear intention is to reduce flood risk for the benefit of the local community and our development offers a unique opportunity to do so.

AFlood Risk Assessment has accompanied our planning application and following detailed assessments, proposes to set aside land on the site for the implementation of a Flood Alleviation Scheme. This will significantly increase available upstream water storage volumes, consequently reduce flows and therefore reduce the pressure of such flows on the existing system too.

The Flood Risk Assessment and proposals for a Flood Alleviation Scheme have been developed by Richborough Estates in consultation with West Oxfordshire District Council, the Environmental Agency and local Drainage Officers, who have responded favourably to our proposals. The proposed development at Bampton has been recommended for approval and Richborough Estates remains committed to undertaking further design and assessment of this scheme, if approved, in partnership with West Oxfordshire District Council.