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The Future Farming Funding Gap

There could be a large funding gap – lower support - from 2023 onwards if the new Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS) is introduced slowly or if agreements are not available to most farmers and at high payment rates. It is difficult for farm businesses to assess the potential impact of the policy changes without more detail on the amount and timing of new ELMS payments.

The modelling we have done for this paper suggests that unless new ELMS payments are higher than Countryside Stewardship payments farm incomes could fall by 40% on average and more for some types of farm (most likely lowland arable farms). Much will depend on the Government’s acceptance and implementation of the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change and Natural Capital Committee.

We expect more funding to go to protection of peatlands, afforestation and reducing emissions from livestock (mainly cows and probably by reducing cow numbers).

Download the full report below. Credit: Strutt & Parker



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