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The Fed

The Land Promoters and Developers Federation (LPDF) is a new association of organisations involved in land promotion and housing development. The purpose of the Association is:

  • To provide its members with a forum to share best practice and to deliver unified representations to appropriate third parties which have an influence on shaping legislation associated with residential planning. 
  • To help tackle acute housing shortages throughout the UK through consultation, representation and cooperation with appropriate third parties, including government, housebuilders and their representatives.
  • To promote the principle that the private enterprise system is the best method for the promotion and delivery of housing and associated commercial and community uses.
  • To examine legislative measures and regulations which may affect, or tend to affect, development and promotion for development of housing land and if necessary, opposition thereto.
  • To encourage and maintain best practice in the planning process and where relevant, land promotion services, general housing design and construction.
  • To develop and provide services of all kinds which in the opinion of the membership committee will be of value to the land development and promotion sector and those involved in it or any part of it.

More information about the LPDF will be provided in next month’s newsletter.  However, we can reveal that in a recent report sponsored by the LPDF it concluded that approximately 50% of all residential consents are delivered by land promoters.