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Richborough has decided to support two new charities

Richborough has decided to support two new charities in addition to Brain Tumour UK.

Firstly, Centrepoint gives homeless young people a chance to turn their lives around, build firm foundations, and prepare for a future where they realise their potential. Centrepoint supports over 1,000 young people a year in London and the North East.

Their services for homeless young people starts with a room. These range from night shelters for emergencies and short-stay hostels to supported flats and foyers with facilities for learning on site.

Young people could stay in a service from nine nights to two years, depending on their circumstances.

From this foundation, they can begin to tackle the problems that led them to become homeless. They can learn to trust people again and develop their self-respect.

Richborough is also supporting the charity entitled Crisis which amongst many other services offers a Private Renting scheme which funds organisations that help single homeless people find and then keep a private rented home.