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Richborough Estates appoints Harry Jackson as new Northern Manager

/live/news/rsz_harry_2.jpgLand promoter, Richborough Estates has appointed Harry Jackson as dedicated Regional Manager for the north of England.

Harry, who joined Richborough Estates in 2016, will focus on identifying suitable residential development sites and bringing them through the planning process to secure outline consent, before selling to a development partner who will deliver the homes.

Harry’s remit extends across the north of England from Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire, up to Cumbria and Northumberland.

Harry Jackson said: “Local Authorities throughout the UK are under significant pressure to meet government housing targets, in order to ensure a continued pipeline of new homes.

“This is putting additional pressure on housing developers who are already operating on slender margins. For us to be able to use our expertise to secure planning consents on a site and then bring it to the open market to find the right development partner, provides significant benefits to developers, local authorities, and landowners.”

Specialist land promotion companies such as Richborough Estates have become an increasingly vital part of the housing supply process, enabling developers to focus on the delivery of consented schemes.

Of the approximately 541,000 dwellings with outline planning permission on sites of over 100 dwellings across England, around 41% of these – totalling 221,810 homes – have had outline planning consent secured by strategic land companies.

Harry continued: “Throughout the process, we always have in mind the importance of ensuring that any extension to an existing conurbation is in keeping with the existing style and character of the area. These extensions act as the catalyst for an influx of new people into a community, it allows existing home owners to upsize or downsize, helps to support local businesses and can have an exceedingly positive effect on the local area.

“Ideally we are looking for sites of six acres and upwards, which will be able to comfortably accommodate developments of around 50 homes.”

For further information, contact Harry Jackson at Richborough Estates on or 07494153062.

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