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Priced Out? Affordable Housing in England

The data analysed in this paper adds further evidence to the fact that England
faces a severe housing crisis, marked by a failure to build sufficient new homes
and ever decreasing affordability. The areas picked as case studies represent
a range of housing markets. In each, affordable housing delivery is falling well
behind estimated need and for a range of households maintaining housing costs is
likely to be a challenge.

Beneath top line figures which show above average affordability in the three of the
four areas we have examined, many face issues with affordability, and the models
available to address this are insufficient. This then raises significant questions
about the appropriate use of public subsidy and whether it is in fact going to
the right people and addressing the correct problems. Drawing on this analysis
and examples of good practice across the four areas, it is possible to present
recommendations for mayors in these areas and in the rest of the country.

Credit: Institute for Public Policy Research

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