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Local residents prioritised in Eccleshall development

We held a public exhibition earlier this month to consult with members of the local community regarding the proposed development of up to 130 high-quality houses in Eccleshall. Attended by over 140 members of the community, including local residents, Parish Councillors and businesses, we were able to hear concerns of how the proposed development on Stafford Road, to the rear of Badgers Croft, would affect the local community.

 The principal concerns raised were around:

 • The proposed vehicle through-route from Stafford Road to Badgers Croft.

• Whether the benefits of the affordable housing would be for local people.

• The effects on the town’s infrastructure, including the capacity of sewerage networks and local schools.

• The impact on the amenity and views for existing residents living on Badgers Croft and Stafford Road.

We are now responding to feedback by addressing the issues raised through proposed amendments to the proposal, which it will present at the Eccleshall Parish Council Planning Meeting to be held at the Broughton Parish Rooms on Wednesday 16th April.

Within its revised plans, we're proposing:

• No vehicle access through to Badgers Croft. Badgers Croft will therefore only be used for pedestrian and cyclist access, so that existing and new residents can easily and safely access the new public play space and open spaces.

• The main point of access from Stafford Road is now proposed as a roundabout solution, which will have wider safety benefits for existing residents by slowing speeds on this stretch of road.

• Plans include first refusal on affordable housing for local residents and family members of Eccleshall Parish, which is not a standard approach in the industry, but means that the needs of local people are met before these properties are offered to other people from nearby parishes or the wider Borough.

Paul Campbell, director of Richborough Estates said: “We have listened carefully to the feedback from local people in Eccleshall and have revised our proposed plans to make sure they take into account the feedback we have received and to ensure that they are genuinely beneficial to people living in the town.

“We are committed to working with the local community and local authority to deliver the most successful and beneficial proposals possible, serving both the current and growing needs of the town.”

If the proposed development is approved, it will deliver much needed new market and affordable housing in key services villages as outlined in the emerging Plan for Stafford Borough. This will include a mix of housing types, ranging from affordable bungalows to two bedroom starter homes andfive bed family homes.

A total of 40% of the development, or up to 52 dwellings, will be affordable housing. We will also be responsible for making any necessary improvements to the community infrastructure, such as educational, highways and other improvements as deemed fit by the local authority and the Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Group.