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Fixing our broken housing market

Richborough has submitted its response to the government’s Housing White Paper (HWP) along with an appended submission document which summarises the land promotion business model and provides information that is relevant to a number of considerations in the HWP, particularly in relation to the delivery of housing. The information is supported by a number of case studies from Richborough Estates, which we hope will be of interest to you and will enforce our view that land promoters are playing, and should continue to play, a vital role in increasing housing delivery within the country.

 As set out in our response, we consider that there are considerable areas of common ground between ourselves and the Government as we work together to tackle the housing crisis. However, there are areas that concern us and we reflect on a number of key questions set out in the HWP and hope that these comments are useful as the Government progresses new guidance, aimed at boosting the supply of housing, in the coming months.

Download HWP Response

Download The Role of Land Promoters in Housing Delivery