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Eastern Division

/live/news/James B (1).jpgOver the spring and coming summer we’re hoping to see progress on a number of sites across the Eastern Division.

Despite the ongoing uncertainty of Brexit and the political fallout that has followed from the recent local elections, the outlook for the Eastern Division remains cautiously optimistic. With a number of the Division’s interests being Greenbelt strategic promotions reliant upon the plan making process, we wait to find out what, if any fall out ensues from the eventful local election process.

Meanwhile we continue with a ‘business as usual’ attitude that can be seen from last quarter’s activity across the Division. Firstly, Steve Louth was delighted to secure Redrow Homes as development partner to deliver the site at Higham Lane, Nuneaton. Redrow will be bringing forwards a high-quality scheme of 200 new homes including 25% affordable. This excellent achievement has been delivered swiftly on an unallocated site, whilst the Local Plan (at the time of writing) remains unadopted.

Our site at Raglan, Monmouth was re-approved by planning committee in February as part of the Welsh Government Call in process. A hearing date has been fixed in June and we will await the result of this with interest. In the meantime, alongside the agent for the site (Powell’s Chartered Surveyors, Monmouth), we will seek to secure a development partner, so should the development receive the go-ahead from the Inspectorate and Welsh Government, much needed new homes (including 35% affordable) can be delivered swiftly. The scheme, which is supported by the Council, would help boost housing land supply that is currently at only circa 4 years in the area.

The east region has also secured resolution to grant planning permission for 190 new homes (including 35% affordable) in Halesworth, East Suffolk (formerly Waveney District). We will soon be bringing the site to market alongside our agents (Brown & Co, Norwich) to secure a development partner to deliver much needed housing.

Following on from the success of our site at Warwick Road, Kenilworth earlier this year, we have now secured a new interest in the town and are excited about the prospects of promoting the site working with key stakeholders to deliver approximately 150 new homes. The East team have also secured an exciting new site in Market Bosworth that we anticipate delivering circa 70 new homes.

We continue to be busy preparing planning applications and attending Local Plan Examinations playing an active role in the recent North Warwickshire examination. We will also be present at forthcoming examinations in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire to name but a few.

Deals have been agreed on a number of exciting new sites across the Division (East, Central and South East) that we expect to announce shortly, some of which will provide short term planning opportunities for the business.

As a team we continue to actively seek new opportunities, so please contact me direct if you would like to discuss any potential land opportunities further.

James Bradshaw, Eastern Divisional Director

07969 960194