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Eastern Division

Like the Western team, 2018 has so far been a busy time for the Eastern Division. 

A resolution to grant planning permission for up to 125 homes, including 40% affordable housing has been obtained for the site at Warwick Rd, Kenilworth and the process of marketing the site to secure a development partner has now commenced. 

It is envisaged that a partner will be selected during the summer to allow the delivery of new homes on the site in 2019. A resolution to grant planning permission has also been obtained for 100 homes including 40% affordable housing on a site in Warton, North Warwickshire. 

Marketing has taken place and a development partner is also expected to be appointed this summer with a view to delivering new homes on the site in 2019. 

The east team headed by Steve Louth have also recently completed the sale of 43 Homes at Kimcote Road, Gilmorton to Barwood Homes. This is Richborough’s first deal with Barwood, with the sale going through swiftly after they were selected as the preferred development partner for the site.

Following exchange of contracts in December 2017 for the sale of 137 homes in Ludlow, Shropshire the Central Region completed the sale six months ahead of schedule this spring to Crest Nicholson. 

The east team has submitted a planning application for up to 65 homes on a site in Dunton Bassett, Harborough District and it is envisaged that should planning permission be granted that a development partner will be secured later on this year. 

The team is also preparing a planning application for up to 215 new homes for its site in Halesworth, Waveney District that is anticipated to be submitted later on this year. We also eagerly anticipate the determination of our planning application for up to 200 new homes at Higham Lane, Nuneaton. 

It is anticipated that Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council will make a decision in respect of this site during the summer, with us successfully arguing against the designation of this site as a landscape buffer through the Local Plan Examination process. 

Whilst outside of the Eastern Divisions usual operating area, a planning application will shortly be submitted for up to 111 new homes including 35% affordable housing deep within the Western division territory on a site in Raglan, Monmouthshire. This is an exciting opportunity, being Richborough Estates’ first venture into Wales. Given the recent announcement that the Severn Bridge charges are to be abolished at the end of this year, we expect demand for land and new homes within the area to continue to rise. 

The South East Region headed by Nick Banks has also been busy with new exciting land opportunities secured in Dover District, Three Rivers District and Gravesham Borough. In addition, the Region’s appeal against Aylesbury Vale District Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for up to 72 new homes on land east of Churchway, Haddenham will be heard in July, with a decision anticipated later on in the summer. 

The Eastern Division continues to be busy promoting a number of sites through the Neighbourhood and Local Plan process and as ever is on the lookout for new land opportunities capable of delivering 50 homes and above. 


James Bradshaw – Eastern Divisional Director