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Activity round up in our Eastern Division

With summer well and truly gone and autumn upon us, now feels like a good time to reflect on what’s so far been a busy second half of the year, with thoughts now turning to our financial year end. 

Before doing this, I would like to take the opportunity of wishing Russell Crow well in his new role as Regional Director for the Central Region. Russell previously held the role as the Division’s Planning Director. In his new position, Russell will continue to manage the Region’s extensive portfolio as well as look to secure new opportunities for the business. He will also take the lead on the Region’s disposal and delivery strategy. Russell is being replaced by a new Planning Director who will be joining us later in the year (further details to be announced in due course!).

On the subject of new recruits, we will soon be joined by Briony Stenhouse from BT Surveyors as Assistant Land & Planning Manager helping the team with land studies, project management and general planning matters.

So far this year, the East team headed by Steve Louth have already this year completed the sale of sites in Frisby-on-the-Wreake (53 homes) to Bellway Homes and Gilmorton (43 homes) to Barwood Homes, with the Central region completing the sale of Ludlow (137 homes) to Crest Nicholson. Cameron Homes have also been appointed as preferred development partner to deliver 47 new homes at Brailsford in Derbyshire.

Planning permission has now been granted for up to 125 homes (including 40% affordable) on our site at Warwick Road, Kenilworth and a preferred development partner will be announced later in the year. A resolution to grant planning permission has also been obtained for up to 200 new homes (including 25% affordable) at Higham Lane, Nuneaton where we are looking to secure a development partner before the end of the year.

We are close to appointing a development partner on projects in Warton, North Warwickshire (up to 100 homes including 40% affordable) and Bottesford, Nottinghamshire for up to 88 new homes, including 37.5% affordable housing.

A planning application has now been submitted for up to 111 new homes including 35% affordable in Raglan, Monmouthshire, which is Richborough Estates’ first site in Wales. It is expected that the site will be heard by planning committee before the end of the year and if successful a development partner will be sought in 2019.

A planning application will also be submitted in the coming months for up to 215 new homes (30% affordable) in Halesworth, Waveney District and if successful a development partner will be sought in 2019.

In addition to the above, the Eastern Division continues to be busy promoting a number of sites through the Neighbourhood and Local Plan process and as ever is continually on the lookout for new land opportunities capable of delivering in excess of 50 homes.

All the best,

James Bradshaw – Eastern Divisional Director