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Richborough appreciates that your land is very important to you. It may be part of a current or former business that now needs to relocate or even a parcel of greenfield land that has been part of your family’s estate for generations.

Whatever your current situation or future ambition, Richborough works on your behalf to promote the land for your maximum gain. We carefully manage each and every aspect, from navigating the planning process to final disposal on the open market.

Planning has become increasingly more complex and Local Authorities require vast amounts of information before validating a planning application or supporting an allocation in an emerging Local Plan. This means that land promotion has become a specialist industry where Local Planning Authorities rely upon experienced developers and promoters to demonstrate that sites are acceptable in planning terms and that planning permission will deliver the houses it needs. Hence the whole process has become cash intensive and requires the type of strategic management that Richborough Estates can offer.

Below are some of the general commercial arrangements Richborough can offer:

Promotion agreement

This type of agreement operates on the simple principle that Richborough uses its expertise and financial resources to fund the entire promotion of the land through to achieving planning permission and then achieving the highest possible return on the open market.

The landowner will approve the planning application, marketing strategy, the sale contract and only when the landowner’s solicitor has approved the transfer, will the Title pass to the purchaser. The return to Richborough is based upon an agreed split of the sale proceeds and therefore interests are aligned.

Richborough’s standard promotion agreement assumes that it will opt to tax the land, thereby saving the landowner time and costs associated with VAT registration.

Purchase agreement

An outright purchase agreement is possible for those landowners who are seeking a quick sale of their land. This commercial arrangement is the most simple option once the level of ‘hope value’ has been agreed.