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Land promotion - FAQ

Q: What is land promotion?

Land promotion, or strategic land promotion, is the process of identifying parcels of land suitable for residential development. The promoter then acquires that land – usually from either a private individual or a local authority – guides it through the planning process to secure outline consent, and then sells it on the open market to a development partner who will secure detailed consent and bring the site forward.

These are often shorter-term requirements for the housebuilders, which supplements their own longer-term strategic land promotions.

Q: Why is land promotion important?

England is facing a significant shortfall in housing, with the government setting targets to deliver 300,000 new homes a year to meet demand.

Land promotion is an important part of helping to meet these ambitious targets, as it provides developers with ‘shovel-ready’ sites, enabling their teams to focus on the delivery of homes rather than negotiating the complexities of the planning system.

Q: How does a Land Promotion company work with housebuilders?

Richborough Estates provides ‘shovel-ready’ residential development sites for housebuilders by identifying and acquiring suitable sites, securing outline planning consent and then selling it on to a residential housebuilder.

The technical work associated with a planning application is funded by Richborough at risk.

Q: How does a land owner promote their land for housebuilding?

Richborough Estates offers a free no obligation service to determine a landowner’s chances of success.  The Richborough Estates team can be contacted via 0121 633 4929 or

Q: How does a Land Promoter make money from the sale of land?

Richborough Estates doesn’t purchase the site at the outset, but instead takes a short-term contractual position and then guides it through the planning process utilising its own funds, and is only remunerated once the site is sold to a development partner. 

Q: Do you build the houses yourselves?

Richborough Estates doesn’t undertake any element of the construction process.

Q: What if a housebuilder doesn’t like the scheme and wants to change it?

Richborough Estates provides outline planning consent and it is up to residential developer to secure the detailed reserved matters consent. The Richborough Estates team develops well-considered schemes using all the standards and technical expertise that a housebuilder would otherwise employ from the outset. Therefore, a Richborough Estates layout is never significantly altered at the reserved matters stage.