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Green Belt land

Green Belt land is often confused with green field land which doesn't have the same level of protection. The concept originated in the 1930’s to control and manage London’s expansion. However it was the 1947 Planning Act that brought in the ability for Local Planning Authorities to consider designating Green Belts within its district, followed in 1955 by circular 42/55 that set out the Government’s objectives to have areas of Green Belt designated around major cities and for policies to ensure that such areas remained open.
Since 1955 the 5 principal purposes of Green Belt policy have not changed; these are:-

  • To check the unrestricted sprawl of built-up areas
  • To safeguard the surrounding countryside from further encroachment
  • To prevent neighbouring towns from merging into one another
  • To preserve the special character of historic towns
  • To assist in urban regeneration