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Richborough Estates - FAQ

Q: What does Richborough Estates do?

Richborough Estates is a privately owned national land promotion company with its head office based in Birmingham. Richborough Estates works in partnership with landowners, councils and stakeholders to secure residential planning permission on suitable sites, which it then sells to a development partner.           

Q: How long has Richborough Estates been operating?

Richborough Estates was launched in 2003.

Q: Why should I sell my land to Richborough Estates?

Richborough Estates has an outstanding track record in delivering planning permissions in co-operation with local authorities, with only two applications failing to gain consent in its 15 year history.

The professional team of 18 people features a number of qualified planners who have extensive understanding and experience in handling the complexities of the national planning system.

Richborough Estates understands that any new development can be divisive for some people in local communities and the team liaises extensively with local authorities and stakeholders throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Q: What areas of the country does Richborough Estates cover?

Richborough Estates is a national business with dozens of sites around the UK – from Harrogate in the north, Poole in the south, Raglan (Wales) in the west and North Walsham in the east – at all stages of the land promotion process.

Q: How many sites is Richborough Estates actively engaged on?

Richborough Estates is currently promoting some 80 sites throughout England and Wales. Collectively, these sites have the potential to deliver around 20,000 new homes.

Q: What is the typical size of a site promoted by Richborough Estates?

Typically, Richborough Estates promote sites for between 150 to 300 dwellings on greenfield or brownfield land. From identification of a suitable site to new residents moving in usually takes in the region of 30 months.

However, Richborough Estates also manages much larger Green Belt urban extensions, which require planning, delivery over a longer term and feature additional considerations such as highways, new schools and civic buildings.

Q: Where is Richborough Estates based?

The company is based out of central Birmingham, giving the team ready access to the UK transport network.