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Richborough Estates is one of the UK’s most successful strategic land promotion businesses and was founded in 2003. We work in partnership with landowners, Councils and local stakeholders to bring land forward for housing in the most efficient manner possible.

Richborough Estates has an unsurpassed track record in delivering planning permissions in co-operation with Local Planning Authorities. We are particularly proud of the way we engage with local communities and stakeholders throughout the whole process. 

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LPDF response to the draft revised NPPF news-arrow

Richborough Estates responded to the draft revised NPPF as part of the Land Promoters and Developers Federation

Reality Check: How much do we spend on rent? news-arrow

In the UK, people are renting for longer periods of time, as buying a property has become more expensive and wages have struggled to keep up.

Richborough Estates and The Telegraph Business Club