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Communities and local authorities

Richborough Estates is an open and ethical land promotion company which seeks to engage with communities in high quality consultation events. 

Communities & Local Authorities

We strive for excellence and make sure key stakeholders are consulted and involved wherever possible. Planning Officers are consulted at an early stage and we have a great deal of respect for the difficult work they undertake on behalf of the Council, Members and local people.

Development proposals in sustainable locations, do of course involve impact upon some local residents which can at times lead to tension but we do our best to inform and consult at each stage of the planning process to maximise the flow of information.

As a matter of course we provide information and access to our technical team during public consultation events which are normally held in local community buildings.

Our consultative approach has been rewarded in the form of site allocations within Local Plans and Neighbourhood Development Plans over the years.

It is Richborough’s objective to consider local ideas and proposals before submitting planning applications for approval.