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Land rear of 116 - 126 High St, 1 - 11 Gardeners Lane and 2 - 24 Langford Rd, Henlow, Bedfordshire

The proposed development as described as ‘Outline application: Up to 59 dwellings following demolition of 14 and 16 Langford Road to provide new access, new access roads within the site and car parking. Creation of 2.43 hectare extension to the existing Millennium Meadow with pedestrian access links and landscaping. All matters reserved except access has been dismissed. The main issues being during the hearing the appellants and the Council confirmed that they had reached agreement on the extent and nature of the mitigation sought to offset the impacts of the proposal upon local infrastructure. The mitigation being financial contributions towards local schools, a local leisure centre, upgrades to a footpath and provision of bus shelters. The Council are no longer seeking contribution towards changing facilities at Henlow Camp or travel plan monitoring, as they would be unnecessary and all of the contributions would be secured through the planning obligation submitted by the appellants. Having reviewed the evidence submitted I am satisfied that the contributions are necessary, directly related to the development and reasonable in scale and kind. As such, they are matters to which I can have regard and therefore the appellants have satisfactorily overcome the Council’s third reason for refusal. As a consequence, the main issues in this appeal are:

- Whether the proposed development would be in a suitable location, with particular reference to policies concerned with the location of new housing;

- The effect of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the area; and

- Whether the appeal scheme makes adequate provision for affordable housing.

The appeal is made by William Willoughby (Estates) Ltd and Messrs M and A Crawley against the decision of Central Bedfordshire Council


Download Land rear of 116 - 126 High St, 1 - 11 Gardeners Lane and 2 - 24 Langford Rd, Henlow, Bedfordshire