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Land off Cherry Tree Close, Yaxley, Suffolk

 The development proposed is erection of 10 dwellings (including 6 affordable homes), 2flats and 1 retail unit has been dismissed because;

The main issues in this case are:

a)whether the site is a suitable location for residential development having regard to accessibility of services and facilities;

b)the effect of the proposal on the living conditions of existing residents in Cherry Tree Close, with regard to outlook, sunlight, privacy and noise;

c)whether the proposed development would make appropriate provision for surface water drainage;

d)whether a suitable mechanism is in place to secure the proposed affordable housing, future management of the open space within the scheme and adoption of the estate road; and

e) in light of my findings on the above matters and the Council’s housing land supply position, whether the proposal would constitute a sustainable form ofd evelopment.

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