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Land at Porter Lane, Rise End, Middleton, Derbys

Appeal A

The appeal is dismissed and outline planning permission is refused for the demolition of the existing industrial buildings and the construction of 50 residential dwellings and 10,000 sq ft of employment floorspace with all matters reserved except siting, layout and access at the Land at Porter Lane, Rise End, Middleton, Derbys, DE4 4LS. The application Ref 11/00698/OUT, dated 31 August 2011, was refused by notice dated 12 December 2011.

Appeal B

The appeal is allowed and planning permission is granted for the demolition of the existing industrial buildings and the construction of 5,343 sqm (57,501sqft) of residential development (47 dwellings) with all matters reserved except layout and means of access on land at Porter Lane, Rise End, Middleton, Derbys, DE4 4LS in accordance with the terms of the application, Ref 12/000261/OUT, dated 24 April 2012, subject to the conditions in the Schedule below.

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