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Land at Farleigh Road, Farleigh Road, Cliddesden, Hampshire

The proposed development of the erection of 40 dwellings to include 24 private homes and 16 affordable homes, associated parking, landscaping, amenity space and highway alterations has been dismissed because Policy SS1 of the Basingstoke and Deane Local Plan 2011-2029 (LP) outlines the local strategy for housing delivery and directs new development towards the area’s defined settlement boundaries. Furthermore, Policy SS6 of the LP permits proposals outside these areas only in a small number of defined circumstances.The appeal site is located outside but immediately adjacent to the recognised settlement boundary of Cliddesden. It does not include previously developed land, form part of a rural exception site for affordable housing, or involve the re-use or replacement of an existing building or dwelling. Similarly, it does not consist of small scale residential development and the site has not been allocated in a made neighbourhood plan also in the absence of any identified exemption, I agree with the main parties that the proposal would be in conflict with LP Policies SS1 & SS6.

The appeal is made by Thakeham Homes Ltd against the decision of Basingstoke &Deane Borough Council


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