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Land at Deans Farm, Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire

Accordingly, the Secretary of State agrees with the Inspector’s recommendation. He hereby allows the appeal for Land at Deans Farm, Bishop’s Cleeve, Gloucestershire GL52 7YP and grants planning permission for up to 550 dwellings, including 30 for retired people; a high street compromising 4 units with a gross retail floorspace of 475sqm, plus ancillary accommodation of 475sqm (classes A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5), 15 units with a floorspace of 3,750sqm for class B1 and D1 uses and 16 live/work units; a community facility with a hall; extension to allotments; open space provision including changing rooms; sustainable drainage provision and accesses from the A435 and Little Acorns; in accordance with application ref 10/01216/OUT for outline planning permission dated 24 June 2011, subject to the conditions set out at Annex B of this letter.

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