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Eltham Town Football Club, 176 Footscray Road, London

The development proposed of demolition of the existing clubhouse and structures on the site, and the erection of a new clubhouse (Use Class D2), improvements to the existing football pitches, a new under 7/8s football pitch and the erection of 21 residential dwellings (Use Class C3), together with associated car parking, landscaping and infrastructure works has been dismissed.

These are:
i.the effect of the proposal in the context of development plan policy for protecting Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) from inappropriate development and preserving its openness;
ii.the effect on the surrounding landscape as defined an Area of Special Character (ASC) and part of the South East London Green Chain (SELGC);
iii.whether the proposal would preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Eltham Palace Conservation Area (EPCA)
iv.whether the harm to MOL, and any other harm, would be clearly outweighed by other considerations. If so, would this amount to the very special circumstances required to justify the proposal.

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