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414 Newcastle Road, Hough, Crewe CW2 5JF

The appeal is allowed and the planning permission is approved for a proposed development of 47 houses of mixed type to include 30% affordable at 414 Newcastle Road, Hough, Crewe CW2 5JF granted on 23 April 2014 by Cheshire East Council, is varied by deleting conditions 3 and 17 and substituting for them the following condition: 1) Approval of the details of the appearance, access, layout, scale and landscaping (the reserved matters) shall be obtained from the local planning authority in writing before any development is commenced. The application Ref 13/4675N, dated 8 November 2013, was approved on 23 April 2014 and planning permission was granted subject to conditions. The appeal is made by Mr and Mrs David Wootton against the decision of Cheshire East Council.