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About us

Richborough Estates is a growing private business which was founded in 2003 and remains independent and self-financed.

Housebuilders often require consented ‘oven ready’ land in order to supplement their own long-term strategic land promotions. We work hand in hand with the landowner to satisfy the industry’s short-term land requirements in the most efficient manner possible.

The Richborough team navigates the planning system in order to achieve residential planning permission at its own cost and is remunerated when the site is eventually sold to a development partner on the open market.

A typical project will involve the promotion of 150 to 300 dwellings on a greenfield or brownfield site during an average period of approximately 30 months. However, we are also managing much larger urban extensions in the Green Belt which involve planning, delivery and disposal over the longer-term. During these projects we consider major infrastructure needs such as highways, new schools, civic buildings and of course the socio-economic benefits that housing brings.

Richborough Estates is currently promoting approximately 80 sites throughout England and Wales which have the potential to deliver more than 20,000 dwellings.

Work with us to create a lasting legacy.